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Why is Summer "Day" Camp so important? 

 Summer camp is an opportunity for children to be exposed to the best of human character. Carefully selected role models are dedicated to showing your child how to have fun, learn from others, and make friends in person rather than online. Camp allows kids to meet people from all over the world, every race, culture, and socioeconomic level.



 Day camp can be a child’s first independent experience away from mom and dad. A child can strengthen emerging skills of making new friends, taking care of their own belongings, trying new activities, and taking risks. This first experience away from home, in a new setting with unfamiliar peers, can create the foundation needed for successful longer-term experiences away from home. Supportive camp staff help build bonds within the camp community and gently push even the youngest campers outside of their comfort zones, challenging them to take positive risks and engage in independent decision making. The advantage to day camp, is that it can be a building block to the resident experience of complete independence.




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 Our camp is based on teaching children the importance of nutrition and exercise through fun activities and daily teachings with a certified nutritionist and trainers. Influencing your child in a great way is our main goal. Learning healthy habits early will increase your child’s knowledge on eating habits and will have the tools to make great choices throughout their lives. Campers will learn the FUN of exercise; they will be able to learn and be more aware of what they eat and drink and what it does for their bodies.



              Kids Out  Night 

Our date night program allows our campers to get together once a month to enjoy a few hours together while parents enjoy a night out! 


+ Dancing

+ Swimming
+ Dinner Provided
+ Arts and Crafts
+ Movie and Popcorn
+ much much more!


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