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      OUR Summer BREAK



Influence your child forever!


Children will learn the FUN of exercise; they will be able to learn and be more aware of what they eat and drink and what it does for their bodies. The children will learn to make better choices while they eat at and away from home. 


Daily Activities

7:30 am – Drop Off

8 am – Lessons on foods, labels, ingredients and how it works in our bodies.

9 am ­– Kids Boot Camp

  • Fun team exercises that will make them laugh and sweat!

10 am – Swimming 

  • Life guard will be on duty and all Staff members are CPR certified.

  • Indoor pool is available for rainy and cold days!

11:30 am – Lunch: show and tell


  Everyone brings their sack lunch and each child will show something healthy in it and we will discuss it; why it is healthy, what nutrients it has and what it does for our bodies. (Wednesday’s our Dietitian will direct us to cook our healthy lunch!)


12:30 – Yoga and Meditation

1:30 – Mondays and Thursday - Kids Kickboxing, Kids Piloxing, Kids Bokwa, Kids Zumba

            Tuesday and Friday – Tennis or Soccer

            Wednesday - Cooking Healthy Snacks

3 pm – Nature Hiking and or Crafts

3:30 pm- Healthy Snack

4 pm – Fitkids

6 pm – Pick Up